Monday, October 15, 2012


Get a job! Well most of us can't and lets face it even if we can we don't want to. There is probably a world of work out there just waiting for us jobless folk. But lets just weigh up the pros and cons a moment.

Having purpose in life, Vs a life of sitting around in jogging pants on the sofa.
Working for a boss you hate, Vs hanging out with other jobless friends (on the sofa).
Working towards paying off that mortgage, Vs getting free housing (throw in a free sofa).
Playing the promotion game Vs playing your Xbox. (on the sofa).
Being sexually harassed in the work place Vs sexually harassing yourself (on the sofa).

There are worst things than working yourself to an early grave though. And for those of you that can come up with some you obviously need to get yourself a pair of jogging pants an, some baby oil and the latest in lazy boy furniture.

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